Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Use of news video booms Online

A recent study reports that 85% of online media sites is using video to cover news, inceasing by a third.  In addition, there was also a significant increase in the use of third party video.  As you might expect, 96% of TV Web sites incorporated video (63% used external video), but what may be more surprising is the increasing use of news video by radio station, magazine and newspaper websites.  Online news sites also reported a large increase in the use of video.
The third annual survey of Web media companies showed a general increase in the use of news video, particularly in the use of externally produced video.  The survey showed the use of externally video was highest in Radio station websites (94%), Magazine websites (93%), newspapers (86%), and Web media (80%).  Even two-thirds of TV station websites used externally produced video.
Douglas Simon, head of D S Simon (which produced the study), concluded that "given the high percentage of video accepted from external sources, this should prove to be a significant opportunity for companies, brand marketers and public relations firms to help these media outlets with relevant and quality video footage."  Further, 80% of respondents indicated that they would use more or much more video in the future, suggesting a growing market.
The survey also showed increased efforts to monetize their websites and content: 80% are selling advertising, and 47% offer a mix of advertorial, product placement, and paid content.  Surprisingly, TV stations were the least likely to try to create revenue streams from their websites (only 65% sold advertising, and only 31% used some form of paid placement).

Source: "News Video Skyrockets in Online Media," Online Media Daily

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