Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HDTV - What comes next?

Sharp recently demonstrated an 85-inch LCD with a resolution 16 times that of HDTV.  It's one of several advances coming out of collaborations with NHK for what is being called Super-Hi-Vision, which will also include a 3-D 22.2 audio system.  In the U.S., that level of resolution is known more widely as 8K, and is widely used in the film industry for conversion and restoration of older films and digital film-making.  Sharp's new screen is the first consumer-level set to be able to display that level of resolution on a single screen.  Sharp is expected to have an 8-K set on offer in Japan in a couple of years.

Sources: "Sharp develops an LCD with 16x the resolution of HDTV," Broadcast Newsroom

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