Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nielsen shows Tablet penetration at 5%

For a class of consumer electronics that's only been around for a year or so, reaching 5% penetration is impressive (given e-readers at 9% and netbooks at 8%- and both are cheaper and have been around much longer).  The research by Nielsen and others about the rise of tablets suggests a strong impact, and their rise as a superior media consumption device:
  • Tablet users show strong engagement rates (30-40 minutes per app) and a willingness to buy content
  • The rush by big brands to adapt content to the format, and giving publishers the opportunity to provide an immersive (and controlled) experience.
  • 70% of tablet owners use it while watching TV, with potential to create synergies between screens.
These suggest the potential to recreate relationships between a wide range of content producers and distributors ("publishers") and their audiences, and along the way creating new markets and revenue streams.
Of course, they could still manage to blow it, but it looks like the tablets come along at a time when the media have finally recognized and embraced the need to expand their vision and markets beyond the old traditional media silos.  This suggests that they might have learned something after all.

Source:  "Tablets: The 5% Solution," Mobile Insider

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