Monday, May 9, 2011

Changes at ABC News

From Emma Thomas -

ABC network news is changing its structure, but also may change its face- literally.

In 2010, ABC network news experienced drastic changes.  About 25% of its news network staff in 2010 were fired- this included correspondents, producers and editors.  For recent college graduates, this means that jobs were scarce as the network decreased its staff by 1/4.  They also are relying heavily on the backpack journalist, multi-media journalist, or sometimes called the digital journalist. For graduates this means that you must posses skills in writing, producing, editing, shooting video, and editing video.

"Digital is becoming a more important part of those ABC News finances. Revenue from ABC News’ digital division may have exceeded $40 million during the year," read PEW's 2011 State of the Media Report.

Another big change that may CBS's Katie Couric also may be joining ABC News, yet there is still speculation on whether she will join ABC or not.  This would be a determent to CBS who has the lowest viewers of the three networks, coming in at 5.65 million viewers compared to CBS's 7.43 million viewers.

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