Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dead or just dying?

From Kelly Fox -

This is a blog from that discusses if advertisers are preferring to spend their money for digital ad space or print ad space. Being a magazine journalism major, this is the time when print is having to adjust the most so I've been reading tons of articles about "print dying theories". As much as I hope these theories are not true, it can also be an exciting thing for the magazine industry to take on. This article states the advertisers are trying to adjust to the economy and therefore they need more accountability that their ads are seen, which usually pulls them towards digital ads. However, "we surf the internet, we swim in magazines", so they run the risk of their ads not enticing readers enough and just being skimmed. The article is a year old however.

Source: "Print Media: Dead or Just Dying?", Propertyadguru

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