Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ebook Trends

Thought tablets would be the big Ebook reader?  Apparently not - a recent study found that 45% of eBook readers used a Mac or PC, while 40% of iPad owners had yet to read a single Ebook on their device. Other results:
  • About 6,000 people a day buy an Ebook for the first time
  • 9% of Adults bought at least 1 Ebook last year, 11% read at least one.
  • Publishers sell about 5 paperbacks for every Ebook
  • 41% of Ebook readers get Ebooks from free websites, 24% borrow from a library, 16% borrow from a friend or relative
  • Differences between Print and Ebook bestseller lists are getting smaller
Source: "Tablets Have Not Captured All Digital Book Readers", MediaPost
Simba Information press release on study

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