Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Return of Clippy

From Jocelyn Blake -

Clippy is back! The Microsoft Office cartoon paper clip is back. He was once used to help Microsoft users write letters or papers. The creative people at Microsoft decided to design a game framed around Microsoft Office. "Ribbon Hero 2" is supposed to be a fun outlet for people who spend their time using Word or Powerpoint. It offers challenges to help you become more savvy with the word processor. 
"Clippy was a default part of early versions of Microsoft Office, starting with Office 97. In 2001, the company stopped having the cartoon show up by default in its software. Microsoft even created an ad campaign making fun of the paper clip, saying they were putting him out of work."

I think his return his funny and creative because they once made fun of his relevancy but now they are using it to their advantage. It builds a relationship between Microsoft and the users. 

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