Monday, May 9, 2011

"Green" chair powers personal media

From Emma Thomas -

An outdoor solar powered chair now charges your cell phones, tablets, computers and gadgets as you sit.  The tear-shaped furniture is called the SOFT Rocker and was invented by architecture students at MIT.  It includes a 35-watt solar panel on the top of the rocker that "charges a built in battery, so you can still get juice from its built in USB ports after the sun goes down." The rocker actually uses your motions as you rock to add more "charge to the system" and includes an above light for reading or while its dark.  While this technology hasn't been purchased by a major manufacturer, it reveals the potential future of park benches and university outdoor seating.

Source: "Solar powered lounge chair charges your gadgets as you chill," Dvice

Looks like something we could use in front of the Comm building - Ben Bates

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