Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Cloud's Dark Side

From Jocelyn Blake -

With my recent knowledge of cloud computing I have been seeing more and more information about this new advancement. The New York Times is reporting that while this new technology has it's pros it also has cons. 

"The insurgents in the cloud market, led by Amazon, see private clouds as mainly a means of account control for software’s old guard, holding onto customers and high profit margins. ‘Private clouds are essentially the same thing that large, established companies have offered for years as managed services,' said Adam Selipsky, vice president of product management and developer relations for Amazon Web Services, its cloud unit. 'It amounts to a rebranding.' Perhaps, but many customers do find moving toward the underlying cloud technology a big money-saver, even in a private cloud setting."

I also read that there are seven threats to cloud computing.

1. Abuse and nefarious use of cloud computing; 2. Insecure interfaces and APIs; 3. Malicious insiders; 4. Shared technology issues; 5. Data loss or leakage; 6. Account or service hijacking; 7. Unknown risk profile

I'm sure that since this is still an up and coming product that the issues that are being brought up will be resolved. Apple is great with providing different versions and updates that improve whatever faulty problems their technology may have.

From Professor Bates- The Cloud's not without its dangers - witness the Amazon Cloud's recent outage.  But the NYTimes piece seems more a prototypical Luddite response - "this new thing will disrupt all our nice current arrangements."  Yes, it will, and eventually probably for the better.  Otherwise that "new thing" won't last long enough to be the next generations status quo.

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