Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New approaches for online advertising - Adkeeper et al.

Do people really hate ads, or do they hate the fact that they interrupt something they are more interested in?  A new Web start-up thinks there's money to be made in the latter case.  Adkeeper is a service that allows users to "bookmark" or "Time-shift" online advertisements they might want to examine later, and even share them with others.  Research from Nielsen suggested that about half of users would be interested in such a service,  Venture capitalists were even more interested, to the tune of coughing up $80 million to fund development, and PepsiCo was so impressed that it ordered that it all of their banner ads had to incorporate the service.  Adkeeper has added 350 ad campaigns to its system so far.
The man behind Adkeeper, Scott Kurnit, sees the service as step in a broader movement to improve the quality of online display advertising, in part by thinking about how users experience it, and how they can find and create value. Ben Kartzman, CEO of a competing service (Spongecell) commented that ""What we're all trying to do is make the online advertising experience memorable, sharable and valuable.  We're trying to drive engagement from a banner."

Source: "Preserving Advertising," OMMA, The magazine of Online Media, Marketing & Advertising

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