Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On Fire, Tablets and Video

A new report from video technology firm Ooyala complements a recent Pew Research Center study of tablet users.  The Pew study focused on how tablets are changing news use patterns and habits, although also reporting that 13% of surveyed tablet users reported regular use of tablets for watching video.
The Ooyala report suggests tablet users average 30% more time spent viewing, compared to those watching Web videos on computers.  In addition, tablet viewers are twice as likely to watch the whole video, suggesting that tablets use is more engaging. Viewers are also more likely to watch longer videos and shows on tablets, reinforcing the idea that  people use tablets and computers differently.

Sources -  Tablet Users Go All The Way with VideoVidBlog
Ooyala,  Videomind Video Index Report, Q3, 2011

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