Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Google is now offering “Music Beta” for Android

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   As of last May, Google is now offering “Music Beta” the official Android music player. Similar to iTunes by Apple, Google Music Beta is a free music library that allows users to store up to 20,000 songs on the web, phone, and/or tablet at home and on the go. However, Music Beta is unique because everything is stored online “in the cloud”. Therefore, users do not have to deal with the hassle of wires or syncing for added convenience. Storage in the cloud is also beneficial because users can access their music library from any device and it does not take up any space on computers, phones, or tablets. This eliminates the need for large gigabyte devices. Also, users do not have to be online to use this system. All one has to do is select the songs, albums, and playlists they want to have on their mobile devices when not connected. “The Music Beta’s online storage capabilities make it special, reliable, and different from its competitors.
  Some other perks to Google Music Beta is the “Instant Mix” playlist option where the library will put together playlists it thinks the user will like based on their music preferences. Another service Google Music Beta offers is “The Magnifier”. This is a music-downloading site where users can buy free music. Google originally had plans to open a music store like iTunes where users could purchase songs for 99 cents along with albums, etc. However, Google struggled to sign two major record labels to their new service. Instead, Google launched the new service in September in the form of a blog site advertising new artists and songs. The music team picks artists they feel “deserve more attention” and writes blogs about the artists to help expose them to the world. They also advertise a free song available to download from that artist. Magnifier has hundreds of new songs and allows users to pick one free song to download a day. Along with free music downloading, the site has new artist interviews and concerts for viewing. All songs downloaded from the Magnifier will immediately sync to their music library.
  Considering Google Music Beta is such a new service, many do not know about it yet. Also, Google Music Beta has to compete with other major music library systems such as iTunes. However, the online storage makes the system unique and there will be more upgrades and expansion to come to Google Music Beta.

Source: Music Beta by Google.

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