Sunday, November 27, 2011

NBC joins Sports Fray

Post contributed by Tate Russell -

Today NBC sports announced that they will begin NBC Sports Fight Night starting in January hosting quarterly boxing events. Within this announcement it was also noted that NBC will rebrand their sports network Versus as NBC Sports. NBC is looking to reintroduce boxing as a mainstream sport where it has not been since the 1970’s. They are setting out to create exciting and completive fights in the hopes of becoming an authority in boxing coverage. Having content like this will be integral for the success of the rebranded NBC sports that will become a 24/7 sports network intended to compete with media giant ESPN. NBC Sports has already absorbed the online content of Versus. 
  The complete change will be implemented on January 2nd. The first major event NBC Sports will broadcast will be on January 7th with the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs. Sporting events NBC traditionally broadcast on their primary network like Notre Dame football, the NHL, and Sunday Night Football will carry the NBC sports brand similar to ESPN on ABC sporting events. What makes this important is that it could mean that ESPN has a legitimate competitor in the 24/7 sports news network. NBC has the resources to compete with ESPN and already has deals with the NHL and may expand their role with the NFL. With the addition of primetime and high level boxing they could become an emerging presence in sports media.

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