Sunday, November 27, 2011

Google’s new iOS app a direct challenge?

  Google released an improved app for Apple’s iOS that could well become a threat to Apple and Safari’s control of web-surfing on the iPad.
  The updated Google app significantly improved on the basic search process, coming much closer to the kind of ‘instant search’ users experience on computers and laptops.  It has voice search capability, and integrates a dynamically served search results that evolves with keyword entry.  However, the real integration is with the applications button, which gives the user access to the full Google suite of Web apps, including Gmail, Picasa, Google Earth, Blogger, YouTube, Reader, News and Google Docs – which lets you open and edit documents saved across the various Google platforms.  As such, the new Google for iPad is approaching the functionality and integration of an alternative desktop on the iPad.
  As long as Apple’s iOS interface remains a collection of discrete apps, the new Google for iPad may provide a strong alternative for those seeking the kind of integration promised in the iCloud.

Source -  Google’s Trojan App,  Mobile Insider

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