Monday, November 28, 2011

Digital Fuels China Ad Boom

A new trend report from WPP's MEC China subsidiary suggests that China is one of the fastest-growing advertising markets in the world, due in large part to the impact of the digital media revolution on consumers.  Measured media expenditures in China is expected to grow more than 15% in 2011, and nearly 17% in 2012, when it's expected to generate $63 billion.
  A large part of that growth is fueled by China's new Me Generation, one more accepting of individualism and expressing itself through blogs and social media.  Participation in Internet and social media discussions have tripled from 2009 levels, the number of Weibo (China's Twitter analog) users has doubled in the last three months, and the number of blog writers have risen 12% over the last four years
“There are all kinds of indications that technology integration is becoming a major trend,” the report states, noting as an example that mobile phones can now be used as remotes to control TVs. “In the future, consumers will not be dealing with stand-alone high-tech devices, but will find science and technology penetrating every facet of their lives.”
Another consumer trend on the rise in China is what MEC termed the “Zhai Lifestyle,” where consumers become more reliant on technology to do things, both in the office and at home.The report recommends that marketers need to tap into Chinese consumers' creativity and make them a part of the development of products and services for the Chinese market.  As the report concludes:
“Become a friend of the consumer in the digital world, and help them to lead a healthy yet colorful Zhai lifestyle.”

Source -  Digital Reshapes China, Aids Booming Ad EconomyOnlineMediaDaily 

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