Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Google Plus - Geared for Grown-ups?

Post contributed by Christopher Thomas -

With the growing phenom that is social networking, many companies are trying to enter a market that has been predominantly owned by the likes of Twitter and Facebook over the past five years. Most networks have minimal success trying to out-whit these social monopolies. That could soon change, however. Google+ entered the market in 2011 with the hopes of offering consumers and advertisers an alternative to traditional social media networking.
  Unlike Facebook, where individuals connect with close friends and relatives, Google+ is more geared, at least for now, toward business networking on a large scale. And its much more complex than Facebook, too. This new site will aim brand pages and companies in a network that has opened in exclusivity to the public. Facebook boasts nearly 800 million users. Google+, conversely, reaches only 40 million. The hope is that frivolous advertisements and a crowded “wall” won’t take over the network. This should allow individuals to find the information they want and connect with the business’s they choose in an effective and efficient manner.
  Sounds easy right? Actually, Google+ has taken an innovative approach to surfing the internet and the network. With the likes of “+” correspondents, YouTube, Android, and Google Chrome, users will be able to directly connect, link, and load a variety of media forms directly through their web browser. Picasa is its photo engine, YouTube its video.
   The hope is that Google+ will find its place within a market that has been dominated as of late. At least for now, their innovative ideas should give them a chance to make an impact soon.
  Only time will tell.

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