Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Changes Coming to Digital Sports Journalism

Post contributed by Tate Russell -

Jason Fry recently contributed a piece to the National Sports Journalism Center's blog, on some potential changes coming to digital sports journalism  .

1. Athletes will become social media veterans
   With athletes growing up using twitter and facebook they will be better at controlling what they publish and even more friendly with fans on these sites. Fry suggests that they may not see the value of "in the locker room" interviews, because they have already answered all the fans' questions on twitter directly.
2. Think about location based services
    Fry suggests that media outlets should use digital location based services to ensure they deliver content to local prospective viewers.
3. The middleman is vulnerable.
    The relationship of the team and reporter is changing. Teams are becoming more proactive in producing content that gets their message to fans. This could reduce the value and importance of traditional beat reporters.  As teams and players report game stories and break news about themselves, their is less need for traditional beat reporters.  On the other hand,.most fans want an objective view and players and teams will mostly try to spin stories positively..
4. Consider finding a niche and owning it,
    If you publish what everybody else does you may be overlooked. So find an area to excel in and make it your own. He suggests things like historical perspective, long form analysis, mechanics reports or scouting of opponents. Develop unique focus or perspective to differentiate you from other reporters.  That also makes it easier for those interested in that topic to find you in a crowded online marketplace.
5. Burn this list in a year.
     The digital world changes so fast that you always have to be prepared for what’s next and remember sometimes predictions are wrong , just keep your ears open and be willing to experiment.

Source -  Thinking About the Future: Five changes that may be coming to digital sports and how to meet them.  National Sports Journalism Center blog

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