Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Digital Rubber Stamp - Printbrush

Post contributed by Zuri Walker -

In 2000, Alex Breton was approached to create an invention by Europe’s largest rubber-stamp company seeking a way to link with the digital world. Rather than creating a new rubber-stamp, Breton produced what is now the world’s smallest handheld printer, the PrintBrush. The device is capable of printing on any surface, does not require paper and weighs less than nine ounces.  It achieves the function of a rubber stamp - replicating content on multiple surfaces anywhere, anytime - while allowing the image or message to be changed instantly.
  While it took ten years to perfect the original model, it quickly provoked interest in Europe. A newer model, A4, which will print color and contain a camera for better printing of images, is set to release 2012.


  1. I can see this adopted by clubs everywhere - now they can change the hand stamp daily, if not more frequently.
    On the other hand, imagine this in the hands of graffiti artists...

  2. This is an interesting innovation, and it will certainly gain momentum as its brand grows in the coming years.

    I can't help but wonder what the print quality will be like with such an invention. To me, it would seem to rely heavily on a steady hand to be able to make the images look like they are supposed to. Additionally, printing large images seems troubling as well, and it seems to incorporate human error into the equation, which is not the case with traditional print hardware.

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