Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Sports Guys” In Sports Talk

Post contributed by Austin Moyers -

This may come as a disappointment to guys like me who are not athletes but would love to get into sports talk radio, but a lot of people around the nation are calling for more former athletes to be on the shows as opposed to regular people like you and I.
   In a unfortunate way this does make sense. You can turn on any sports talk show and here some Joe ripping apart an athlete for his performance. What does this guy know bout what an athlete goes through? Bringing in more athletes to do the shows brings a more credible opinion to the show.
  However, for the regular sports fan/journalist, this is terrible news because this will take jobs away for us trying to break into the industry. I understand that the everyday sports broadcaster doesn’t fully understand what a current athlete goes through like an former athlete would, but you don’t have to be a former athlete to form a formidable opinion on a player or game.
   Regardless, station managers are looking for more former players to be on air so we’ll see how far this goes down the road.

Source - We need more jocks in sports talk radio (and I don't mean former disc jockeys)Talkers.com

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