Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Sharing with Color

Post contributed by Summer Johnson -

In March 2011, the first Color apps for smartphones debuted. Color is a new picture sharing app that connects multiple smartphones within a certain range to digitally share and sync photos in real time. The app then sorts pictures of individual events in a timeline and shares them with the nearby synced phones.
  Although Color meant to revolutionize picture sharing and connect more people in an exclusive interactive way, some believe it gives users too little privacy. In an article for Forbes, Andy Greenberg, reports security researcher and Veracode chief technology officer Chris Wysopal  had already hacked Color the night it debuted. By using an iPad hacked to allow third party applications in combination with another app, FakeLocation, Wysopal was able to change his own geographic location on Color to view all pictures in any geographic location he chose.
  When Greenberg contacted Color’s spokesperson, John Kuch, about the hacking, Kuch explained that Color has never offered privacy, and said that it has always been public.
Although pictures create about 20% more interaction on social networking sites like Facebook (as stated by Buddy Media in Stan Bashmashnikov’s article, The Future of Photo Sharing),  technology may be ahead of itself until applications like Color can offer more privacy to its users.

Sources -  The Future of Photo Sharing,  Social Media Week

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