Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oregon to test iPad Voting app

Post submitted by Nick Spooner -

  Oregon has become the first state in the nation to allow voters to use the Ipad for voting. They are trying to use it for senior citizens and the disabled. This is not the first time that apps have been created for voting purposes. As with all technology, convenience is the key factor in allowing those people in need to use the Ipad.
  One factor that they also have put into consideration, is the fact that it is much cheaper to do this type of voting then the system that the state was using. Whenever you can save the government money, it is always a plus.
  This type of system is a test to see how it could possibly work for the nation as a whole. If it goes well, then it might be adopted by many other states.
  This is just another example of how technology has changed decades of tradition. Can you imagine voting in the next election on an electronic tablet? I would never have imagined 4 years ago, but in today's society dominated by technology and convenience, anythings possible.

Source -  Oregon the First to use iPad for touch screen
Ed. Note - The story is about using iPads as a portable touchscreen voting device rather than people being able to vote on their own iPads.

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  1. I'd be very interested in the technological backend that makes this sort of voting system possible - i.e., if the voting is done via Internet or if Oregon uses its own secure network.

    I know that ANY voting taking place over the Internet can cause some serious problems, as the 2008 situation in Ohio brought to light.

    Still, if the networking aspect holds, I can absolutely see tablet computers replacing voting machines as a more convenient, portable, and cost-effective voting solution.