Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dish Network makes Blockbuster deal

Post contributed by Monica Newman -

Dish network has partnered up with Blockbuster to allow customers to receive access to Blockbuster’s movie pass with a Dish Network subscription. It is an additional $10 to customers and with it you get access to movies on your TV and computer, movies sent to you through the mail or you can pick them up from a local Blockbuster store. Blockbuster claims that they receive movies before Netflix and Redbox.
  This deal could be huge for both Dish Network and Blockbuster. Dish Network has been losing customers to DirecTV and Blockbuster has suffered with the competition of Netflix and Redbox.

Source -  Dish Network, Blockbuster unveil Blockbuster Movie Pass all-inclusive entertainment service,  engadget.com

[I'll note that the subscription rate of $10 is higher than both Netflix's and Amazon's streaming rates, but lower than the new combined by-mail and streaming Netflix fees.  Ben Bates]

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  1. Blockbuster does get movies before Netflix and Redbox with certain titles. Streaming movies has saved me a lot of time and money by using my Blockbuster Movie Pass. As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I can stream movies directly from my DISH Network satellite receiver. If the titles are not available to stream, I can use the mail service to get any other titles I want. It’s a service worth checking out.