Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Theaters switching to digital projectors

Post contributed by Jacob Haskew -

As technology increases some older technology, as trustworthy it may be, would eventually become outdated. The digital projector is now the front runner in movie cinemas over the 35-millimeter film projector. After 122 years of being the projector, it is quickly being replaced by digital. 
  In a study by the IHS, film projectors were in more than 99% of theaters in 2004 and 85% 2009. What changed the game in the projector protocol was the Movie Avatar. Due to the success of the movie, many theaters would not want to be without them especially considering the future possibilities of movies. This could be a good move for theaters because in the future digital formats would be cheaper than rolling film. The technology would be easier to use than training employees how to properly handle film and transcribe it. Digital formats require less upkeep and simplifies things possibly meaning the theater would not need as many employees, potentially increasing their bottom dollar. I liked film projectors but its good to see the movie industry keep up with the times.

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