Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glossy Fashion moves Online

Post contributed by Rachel Cobb -

The senior accessories editor of Vogue, Filipa Fino,  resigned last June to start an online fashion magazine devoted to accessories, Fino File  (a holiday preview issue is available here).  She is focusing a lot of fashion bloggers, a huge trend that is emerging.  It is a bit bittersweet, because it is yet again another sign that print media is failing, but it is still exciting news to watch this new realm of blogging take control of the magazine industry too.  It is inspiring for young writers to know that they are being noticed and that they can make an impact that even the big dogs like Vogue notice.

Source -  Filipa Fino Tells Us Why Her New Online Mag Fino File Won't Be Like Vogue,  Fashionista.com

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  1. I am saddened by the growing failure of print publications; however, I do like seeing the rise in blogging because it allows the average person the chance to have their voice and options on display within a realm of a community with others that have similar interests and tastes.