Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Youth Drives Radio Audience Growth

The latest Arbitron RADAR National Radio Listening report indicates that 93% of people aged 12 or over listen to radio at least once a week.  The overall growth was driven by increases in the younger demographics (12-17 and 18-34) while falling for older adults,  The report also suggested that ethnic audiences were increasing, with a slight rise in Black audience numbers, and radio use being widest for Hispanic listens ( Reach for Hispanics topped 95%).
The report also suggested that commercial network radio reaches affluent, educated results.  Arbitron reported weekly reach as 95% for households whose income was greater than $75,000 a year, and 96% of adults 18-49 with college degrees and incomes above $75K.
Radio's continued ability to attract listeners in the growing audience segments is a good sign of the value of radio for audiences, and thus for the continued viability of the industry.

Source:  Arbitron: Youth Drive Up Network Radio Listening,  Radio World

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