Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scripps combines digital efforts for TV stations, newspapers

Scripps has reorganized all of its digital and mobile operations into a single unit.  Previously, the 13 Scripps daily newspapers and ten television stations were primarily responsible for their online, digital efforts.  The digital operations were often considered secondary to the primary outlet, and with 23 individual efforts, it was often difficult to maintain a consistently high quality service to online users and advertisers.  Scripps CEO Rich Boehne stated that:
This new structure will result in better products, faster development, more efficiencies and improved financial performance while staying true to the Scripps mission of building value through enterprise journalism and public service.
Boehne added that integrating digital and mobile operations would allow Scripps to "continually improve our current news sites and apps while also pursuing a few initiatives that aren't tied to our core businesses." 

Source - Scripps Consolidates Digital Operations,  Broadcasting & Cable

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