Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hulu passes million subs

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Video streaming service Hulu recently announced that it has grown to having over a million paid subscribers for the pay Hulu+ service.  That still puts Hulu well behind Netflix's 20+ million paid subscribers, but is positive news as the bidding for the service continues.
Hulu CEO Jason Kilar had earlier predicted this number would be reached by the end of 2011. Hulu continues to provide free video content, but keeps more content behind a pay wall. With public opinion of Netflix on the downfall due to its recent price increases and service split, more people are flocking toward the HuluPlus subscription service (at $7.99/month).
Hulu’s owners have recently been working on selling the company with potential prospects from companies like Amazon and Google. Hulu recently launched its first international site in Japan.
Sources -  Hulu has more than one million paying subscribers: CEO,  Reuters
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