Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updates on Mobile Video use

Two new studies show continued growth in Mobile video use.
Photobucket's 2011 Summer Photo Usage survey showed significant growth in video uploading from web and mobile platforms.  The growth is fueled by both an expansion in the numbers of users uploading video, the devices used, and the amount of uploading they do.  Total uploads this year were three and a half times higher than last year - let by a 14-fold increase in video uploads from mobile devices.  Among their respondents, 9% reported using their mobile devices to capture video multiple times per day (17% do so daily, 45% do so at least once a week).

As for mobile video use, new research from In-Stat reports that half of tablet owners are using their device to watch not only feature-length movies, but TV shows as well.  They are not only watching, but sharing - half of 18-24 year old tablet owners social network about the TV programs they're viewing.  The study suggests that frequent mobile users will triple over the next five years, and that by 2015, 65% of the U.S. population (people, not just households) will own a smartphone and/or tablet.  Even at this early stage of adoption, the study found that 86% of smartphone/tablet users report watching video on their devices, and 60% report also viewing online video through other devices at home.

Sources - Photobucket Survey: Video Uploads from Mobile Devices on the RiseFierceMobileContent
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