Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great American Country Reveals New Image

Post suggested and initial draft provided by Caitlin Rogers.

In a hyper-competitive market, successful branding is one way to differentiate yourself, as well as help reduce the uncertainty of value for consumers.  Great American Country is trying to do so.

Senior VP and General Manager Sarah Trahern commented 
“While my passion is in music shows, what I think we can do differently are shows that highlight the artist in a different way, that gives our audience something separate. They can go buy a ticket and see a killer concert. What GAC can do is give them that information and access to an artist that they can’t get themselves. Series such as Day Jobs and Tom’s Wild Life will give viewers a candid look at celebrities in every-day life."  
The development of unscripted "reality" programming, like the series mentioned above, follows to some degree the moves made by MTV.  However, the focus on artists distinguishes GAC's move, and should be well-received by the a country fanbase that is very active and devoted.   GAC also plans to adopt a new tag line, “Living Country,” in order to further brand itself as one of Scripps’ lifestyle networks. 

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