Monday, September 26, 2011

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We are all very familiar with e-commerce. Almost every website we visit contains at least some advertising. One of the challenges media companies and advertisers are currently facing is how to make the transition from the web on a computer to the web on a tablet. There are questions like how much should there be, where will it fit and how do we make it jump out at users. Stefanie Botelho for FOLIO magazine spoke with Alex Schmelkin. Schmelkin is president at Alexander Interactions, a company that provides solutions for e-commerce. He has plans for these new problems with the move to the tablet.

“It’s important to minimize the navigation, and the clutter…with media sites like NYT or TIME magazine, there could be literally hundreds of links above the fold. This doesn’t work when it comes to the tablet. We need to prioritize to keep the truly most important info on top.”

He is not sure how to easily excite consumers with the ads. One of the most used ways is now ineffective.

“Over the years, web designers like us have overused the concept of when you hover over a certain part of the page, something big happens,” Schmelkin says.

During the next few years, we will surely see new ideas and methods of e-commerce on tablets, or t-commerce.

Source: “E-Commerce Solutions for The Tablet Transition,”

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