Monday, September 19, 2011

USA to Launch Interactive Facebook Platform

Post from Caitlin Rogers

In an effort to expand its social media presence, USA will be moving its Character Chatter feature over to Facebook for the start of the fall season. The new version will allow fans to interact with others as well as with the stars and writers of their favorite shows.

Jesse Redniss, VP of digital at USA, comments that the revamped Character Chatter will “provide us with a great avenue to speak directly to our fans and will take us to the next level of watching a USA show.”

USA’s new development comes at a time when television networks are experimenting with different and creative ways to reach their fans. Today’s audience has become much less passive – not content with simply sitting in front of their television set alone for hours every night. Instead they want to share their thoughts with others and feel like they are part of a larger experience. Many networks already make use of discussion boards, Facebook and Twitter updates and more, and developments like Character Chatter will further pave the way in creating a more dynamic and interactive television environment.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: USA Integrates Facebook With Character Chatter,” Broadcasting & Cable 

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