Thursday, September 8, 2011

Online Ad generates 62 million impressions in one day.

Demonstrating the potential of matching creativity, with the reach of high-use Websites, Sharpie recently took over the YouTube home page for an interactive mosaic ad created from user-generated art.  The "Start with Sharpie" campaign integrated a corporate website relaunch with print, TC, cinema, and social media (Facebook and Twitter) spots. Ads on Hulu, Facebook, MTV, AOL and Alloy drove consumers to the and YouTube home pages, racking up more than 62 million impressions on the day the ad ran (average impressions for YouTube's home page runs about 50 million).  Display and interaction times were also above industry averages.  Visits to the Sharpie home page ran seven times the levels experienced with other campaigns, and more than 52,000 users were added to Sharpie's remarketing list.  More than 400 new artworks were contributed during the weekend of the campaign.

Source - Home Run: Sharpie YouTube Ad Grabs 62 Million ImpressionsOnlineMediaDaily

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