Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NBC O&Os Launch Diversity Programs for Newsrooms

The NBC Owned Television Stations division has started two programs designed to attract and train young journalists "from diverse backgrounds."
Their News Associates program hired 10 recent college grads for its 10 stations, providing the new hires with a special orientation and pairing each trainee with a senior level mentor.  The Reporter Training program will select 4 young journalists (1 per station in 4 markets) this fall, for the program's January start.  The goal is to "attract television or digital journalists early in their careers, or experienced print journalists interested in transitioning to television as on-air reporters." The programs are described as "developing and investing young journalists from diverse backgrounds who we hope will one day be news room managers and great reporters."
Its a fairly small effort, and something they probably be doing for all of their hires, not only those labelled as contributing to "diversity."  Helping all to succeed, not just favored groups, is the real path to diversity and success.

Source - NBC Owned Stations Launch Diversity Programs in NewsroomsBroadcasting & Cable

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