Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Ratings System for Online Ads

Nielsen has launched a new audience measurement service focused on online advertising, including video ads.  The new Online Campaign Ratings system will provide overnight data on online audience reach, frequency, and gross ratings points, and will have demographic information attached - and will be derived from a mix of data collected by Nielsen's TV and online media panels, as well as demographic information from online analytics sources.  While there have been a number of proposed audience measurement systems developed over the last few years, the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings service is one of the few to have received the stamp of approval from the Media Ratings Council and to be rolled out on a comprehensive national basis.  The use of measures similar to those used for other media should facilitate its adoption by an industry eager for the ability to compare advertising impact across media, and will likely step up the growth of the online advertising market.

Source -  Nielsen Brings TV Metrics To Online Ads, MediaDailyNews


  1. This can be good for consumers, as they will be more aware of what online ads they should trust. The same can be said with advertisers. Now they'll have a better chance of gaining their target audience's trust and acceptance. This will give them an edge in their marketing efforts.

    Matthew Leanna

  2. True. This can also be a challenge for business owners out there to double their efforts in making quality and convincing online ads in order to achieve good ratings. After all, ads are one of the initial takes in building bridges to consumers.

    Kimi Stremmings