Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scripps TV goes live - on mobile

E.W. Scripps slated to be the first TV station group to offer regular live video programming streamed to mobile devices.  The mobile effort will use the Internet and mobile apps (available on smartphones and tablets using Apple's iOS or Android operating systems, and for selected Blackberry devices), or through a mobile Web browser. Scripps indicated that the stream may be a simulcast of a station's on-air programming, or other content unique for the stream, and includes the capacity for users to be notified of breaking news alerts.
Adam Symson, vice president of interactive for the Scripps television division, stated: "We'll now close the gap and aggressively deliver live continuous coverage to the massive and growing on-the-go audience." 

While we have a Scripps newspaper and Scripps Networks here in Knoxville, we don't have a Scripps television station, so we're out of luck, for now.

Sources - Scripps Streams Live Video To MobileMedia Daily News 
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