Monday, September 26, 2011

Pop Ups Just Became Useful

Post submitted by Molly McCurdy - posted with minor additions -

AOL recently announced that after a year in development, their Project Devil ad service is complete. The new service allows users to engage in and complete ecommerce transactions from within the original pop-up or display ad.  The advertisement pulls a HTML overlay directly from the company's e-commerce website, allowing users to expand the advertisement to full screen and purchase an item, without having to leave the screen hosting the pop-up.. 

What does this mean for the average consumer? While online ads can be annoying, they can also make online consumers aware of products and specials they might be interested in.  However, to find out more, or to make a purchase, you had to click through the pop-up or display ad, which took your browser to a different location. Concern over leaving the primary site can limit user willingness to pursue online ad offerings.  Project Devil's use of the new HTML overlay feature can reduce that concern, and AOL hopes, the use and effectiveness of pop-up advertising.  The system has yet to be used by current online advertising campaigns, but AOL hopes they will be more widely used during the coming holiday season, especially among clothing retailers.

Source -  Online Shopping: Now, Inside Display Ads!  AdWeek

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