Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Instagram For Android

Post contributed by Sheena Hunley -

It has been 17 months since Instagram was introduced on the iOS; finally the wait for the Android version is over. The popular app is now available from Google Play for Android smartphones versions 2.2 or later. However, it is not readily available on Android tablets.
  Since the app was introduced, it has been a popular tool of many iPhone photographers, with
30 million registered users and 1 billion photo downloads with the iPhone app alone. The
company expressed in a press release that the Android version would emulate that of the iOS.
However, slight differences have surfaced. There are a few features that are unavailable: Tilt
Shift/Blur, Share from Feed and Live Preview. 
  Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom says themissing features are due to trying to get the product out faster for Android users- omitting features that were least used by the iOS consumers. For example, live preview was only used by1 percent of all posters. But if you are an Android user who enjoys these features, don't worry.According to Instagram, feature updates will eventually workout the differences between the two
 Since the app has reached the Android market, it has already received stellar reviews in Google Play- reaching 3,000 5-star rankings. Overall, this is an efficient tool for some photographers to share camera phone shots. 

Source - Press Release, from Instagram

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  1. I think it's great that apps designed for the iPhone, such as Instagram, are now available to various types of cellphones such as the Android. However, I, myself, am an iPhone user and have noticed that ever since Instagram extended it's availability to Android users, the app has become significantly slower. It now takes a lot longer to upload, as well as, view photos on Instagram. I have not yet come across any recent findings on this issue, however, I have noticed, first hand, that the app has become significantly slower. My fear is that the app will only continue to get slower and slower as it extends its availability to more and more users. Am I concluding that the app should only be available to iPhone users? No. However, the Instagram team should work together to acknowledge this problem and find a solution before the app's availability is further extended.

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  3. I think that it great Instagram is available for Android users now. It will allow more outlets of creativity and will generate more content that will be available to view. I am sure that the influx of users has created a slow down in the servers, but that will work itself out in time. I also think it is interesting that Facebook purchased Instagram shortly after it arrived on Android. Anyways that is my opinion on the matter of Instagram on Android.

  4. I think it's interesting that Instagram is available for the Android system now. Like Corey said though, the app is slower now. While I agree that no business wants to alienate itself to one type of system or device, I do think some things should remain on only one thing.

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