Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nielsen reports on Hispanics' use of social, mobile media

A new Nielsen report finds that Hispanics are the heavy users of smartphones, social networking, downloading music and photos to mobile devices, and in watching online videos.  Specifically, Nielsen found that U.S. Hispanics were 68% more likely than white non-Hispancs to watch online videos, and 20% more likely to watch videos on their mobile phones.  They're heavy uses of traditional phone services as well, making an average of 13 phone calls a day, and sending or receiving an average of 941 SMS text messages a month.  Hispanics are also increasing their involvement with social media - Facebook use over the last year was up 8%, Blogger use up 10%, Twitter up 32%, LinkedIn up 52%, WordPress up 27%, and Tumblr up 85%.  Hispanics are also not just reading blogs, they are 17% more likely than the average media user to build or update a personal blog, and 21% more likely to post information such as links, articles, or videos to websites.
  Nielsen found that one possible reason for the heavy mobile use was that Hispanic were also much less likely to have Internet access at home (more than 60% less likely)  Nielsen concluded that“mobile presents a significant avenue of opportunity for marketers looking to reach Hispanic consumers,” and the firm also notes that the group has “amassed significant buying power, despite perceptions to the contrary.”

Source - Nielsen finds U.S. Hispanics Tops in Mobile, Social ActivityPromaxBDA

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