Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flexible Display Screens

Post contributed by Margo Lipscomb -

Forget touch screens, hello convenience!  Samsung plans to release new OLED technology in late 2012, with new flexible screen cellular phones.  The phone will be approximately a 7-inch screen, but will be able to roll up when you are not using it.
This technology was first addressed at the CES tech show last year by Samsung.  The new OLED technology will introduce a new era of cell phone convenience, in that the phone will be bendable, minimizing the risk for phone damage.  Some examples demonstrated were folding the phone into a bracelet to wear or a media stand.  Not only will cracked and broken screens be avoided, but this reduces the risk for cell phone damage that usually occurs when one drops their device.  Samsung said the new phone could be out as early as the end of 2012.  

Source -  The Next Big Thing(s) in TechPC World   

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  1. I am absolutely blown away by this! I'm not big into all the fancy technology that we have these days like smart phones and touch screens, but this is just too neat. I will definitely be watching out for this new kind of phone and am extremely interested to see how this product works. Just when I think they can't do anything else to phones, here we go...

    1. This is incredible and will absolutely be huge in the next few years! The big cellular carriers (Verizon, AT&T) are going to love this idea. My question is: Why does the screen bend when the phone is NOT in use? Wouldn't it be more helpful to have the screen bend when the user is directly looking at the device? Also, does the entire phone roll up, or just the screen? Regardless, this is such a cool idea, and will definitely save me money from buying a new phone every year because I drop them. :)

  2. This will be a big hit. Just like the touch screen, everyone will have to get their hands on this new product. I will admit, if this phone ever releases, I will be one of the many people just dying to get it. It's just incredible how technology is changing everyday. The only thing I would be concerned about the malfunctions it may encounter with the phone rolling up.

  3. This seriously shocked me. For people like me who drop their phone a lot, having a screen that rolls itself up to be protected is super handy. I am betting a lot of people will get one of these. My only concern is how well will the phone keep its touch sensitivity? I am not very technological, but I think it's possible that bending the screen a lot could make it less sensitive. Either way, I think this is a really cool idea. I can't wait to actually test one out.

  4. WATCH OUT OTTER BOX...youre about to go bankrupt!!!! As much as phones are handled by users everyday, this will prevent so many accidents. This will also put more disposable income in the pockets of consumers. ONE) Consumers will not have to buy protective covers and other add ons to protect their phones TWO) Consumers can save money on protection plans when they buy phones because they will know that their phone is much more durable.

    This is a great idea but I will definitely not buy a first generation of this model because I see too many things that can go wrong so I will let other people be the guinea pigs before it is proven that this technology works near flawlessly.

  5. I agree that this is cool, but it also seems like things could go wrong fairly easily. I don't necessarily equate a phone being bendable to a phone being sturdy. I also wonder how hard it would be to straighten the phone back out, because a creased phone might be kind of bothersome. It'll be really cool when they work out the kinks though.

  6. I don't see the benefits of having a flexible phone. It sounds like it will need to be kept in some kind of case, so that it doesn't get smashed if it's rolled up in your pocket. Flexibility seems like a downside because it would make texting with one hand a pain.

    I question the durability as well. Without a shell to keep all of the hardware together like other phones have, how much pressure would it take before it starts to fall apart?