Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's a Multiplatform World - for some anyway

Time, Inc., has released a new study of media consumption habits, entitled "A Biometric Day in the Life."  The study examines the changing patterns of media use of people who grew up with mobile technology (Digital Natives) compared to us old folks who were already adults by the time digital mobile technology came into our lives (Digital Immigrants).
  The biggest difference is that Digital Natives are more prolific users of multiple platforms, switching their attention between various media devices an average of 27 times an hour.  The report suggests that this results in less engagement with media and content, which moderates emotional response.  Additionally, Digital Natives are more likely to try to use media to regulate their mood.  They're also more fickle, turning to new media as soon as they grow tired or bored.  Digital Natives are more likely to take their mobile devices with them, carrying them from room to room even when at home.
Dr. Carl Marci, CEO and Chief Scientist, Innerscope Research, observed that "This study strongly suggests... patterns of visual attention and emotional consequences of modern media consumption... rewiring the brains of a generation of Americans... storytellers and marketers in this digital age will... face an increasingly complex environment with a higher bar for engaging an audience of consumers... “
Digital Natives are also more interactive - 85% send or receive text messages daily, compared to 52% of Digital Immigrants; 80% of Natives use Facebook at least daily (57% for Immigrants). Natives divided their media usage evenly between digital and non-digital media, while Immigrants spent 68% of their media time with non-digital media.
  More support for the transformation of the media environment.

Source - Fickle "Digital Natives" Switch Platforms Every Other Minute,  Research Brief blog, MediaPost

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