Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Primer for Nonprofit News Organizations

INN (Investigative News Network) recently released a primer for nonprofit news organizations written by Elizabeth Osder and Kaizar Campwala.  The report looks at the current news landscape and the changing market dynamics, and considers what nonprofit news organizations can do to take advantage of whatever opportunities develop.  Unsurprisingly, a lot of the focus is on what INN can offer as as trade group.  Still, there's good information and insight provided.
  In simple terms, the primer suggests there is great opportunity for nonprofit news outlets in the emerging digital landscape, and with the declining costs of the technologies used to create and distribute news.  Still, giving some serious thought in developing a focused mission - identifying what news you want to provide to which audience, with what effect - setting goals, and developing strategies to reach those goals can be critical.  In part, because it can keep the news organization focused, and in part because you can then also think about what's the best opportunity for support and revenues.
  The primer offers some good ideas for nonprofit news organizations, many of which would also be beneficial for profit-oriented news outlets as well.

Source -  Audience Development and Distribution Strategies: A Primer for Nonprofit News Organizations  (Paths to Sustainability 1.0),  report from INN

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