Wednesday, April 25, 2012

App for UGC online magazines

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“Create Your Own Magazine”
  Adding another innovation to the Web 2.0 world, YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen are working on a new project known as “Zeen.” This app will allow users to “discover & create beautiful magazines.” Not much is known yet about Hurley and Chen’s latest venture, but it is rumored that an announcement about the site will be made at The Next Web Conference later this month.
  With hits like Pinterest, Zeen is believed to be a sort of creative “sharing site with a DIY twist.” Those of us with a creative mind will be able to make our own virtual magazine tailored to individual preferences.
  As of now, Zeen’s website features a box where you can request a username and reads “Coming soon” below the name and phrase stating the purpose of the site. '
  While websites like Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr have been successful, it’s hard to say if the launch of Zeen will be as ground breaking, but with more and more people wanting to produce original content, it could provide another outlet for people to do so.

Source: Zeen: New Magazine-Creating AppBangstyle blog

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