Monday, April 23, 2012

The Internationalization of News

Japanese broadcaster NHK has launched a new English-language news channel, with studio operations in New York.  Programming will focus on Japanese topics, and looks to become a gateway for Asia-wide news and trends, especially since many U. S. media outlets have closed their Tokyo bureaus.  The service is on a dedicated over-the-air as well as a number of cable systems in the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC markets.
   NHK joins a growing number of international and foreign language who have opened English-language channels as a means to get their perspective out to compete with the dominant US/UK news agencies and channels. 

Source -  NHK/World English-Language News Net Launches in NYCMultichannel News

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  1. There is something similar with Al Jazeera. They recently launched an english site and a former United States Army media relations guy is on the staff. I am not positive on what happened to him from the military, but he left and now is helping run and operate the Al Jazeera english station. Im sure there will be a lot more stuff like this happening soon.