Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making Money from Blogs

Post contributed by Wesley Mills -

The blogging world is becoming more and more filled with people each day. It’s an enjoyable attraction that young people and adults alike can partake in. But a key question many people are asking is this: How can I make money blogging? Is it possible? Darren Rowse is a full-time blogger, and he gives some helpful tips on how bloggers can start making money while sitting behind their keyboard.
Some of the suggestions that he gives are obvious:
-       Products. This one seems blatant, but if one starts to sell various infographics for various products, you may be surprised at the feedback you get.
-       Advertising. This one is also not hard to figure out, as most websites these days have advertisements everywhere on the page.
Some of the other suggestions were not as obvious:
-       Services: Any sort of training or coaching that is offered on the website could be charged towards the customer. This, of course, requires expertise over anything else.
-       Continuity Programs. Premium content, something like ESPN Insider, can be profitable for blogging if you have a niche market or sort of insider information that you have access to that few others have.

Whether it’s through some sort of direct or indirect means, there are becoming more and more ways for people to make money through blogging. We shall see if people take advantage of it or not. 

Sources - Make Money BloggingProBlogger

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  1. I read parts of this guy's articles about blogging: http://christianpf.com/how-to-make-money-with-a-blog/
    One thing I saw that I thought would relate to your post is tricks to get traffic on the actual blog. (Obviously more traffic means more money). Guest posting on other people's blogs that are already popular helps to bring more people to your website. Also, signing up for blog community sites helps. There are certain niches that one's blog might fall under, and joining one will help to network among other blog users. Bloggers can also sign up for blogcarnivals and web directories to get their name and articles out there. A very simple way to get more traffic is by just commenting on other people's blog posts.
    Once someone has an idea for a blog, there are definitely things they can do to get more people to visit their site.

  2. I think this is an interesting topic. Not many people think of creative ways to monetize their blogs but you have found a few new ways that I had never come across. For instance, coaching fellow bloggers. That seems like an ideal way to make a few extra bucks directly from the blogosphere. Also, I found your graphic to be very interesting. Thank you for including that chart.

  3. I personally think any means of making money is smart. I've never thought of blogging as a way to make money. I always knew you could do it but never really gave it enough attention. I always thought people didn't care to really sit around and read my stuff when they were writing there own things. I guess, however, that people get attached to blogs and want to read them continuously like a book. Who knows, maybe I'll start monetizing mine.