Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TV Web Revenue - Growing Strong

A new report by Borrell Associates predicts that online ad revenues for local TV stations will increase 25% this year.  This outpaces the average growth potential for all media and continues local TV's share of online ad revenues growing from 0.4% in 2003 to 12% of the market in 2011.  They predict that total online ad sales for local television stations will surpass $2.7 billion in 2012.
  Online ad revenues for radio, however, saw only 6% growth in 2011.  Citing several initiatives in the radio industry, Borrell predicted that the radio industry should earn $409.9 million in local online ad sales in 2012.  Ad revenue from local station's online streaming efforts still significantly trail pure Web radio outlets ($67.4 million compared to $206.3 million).

Source -  Borrell Expects 25% Boost In TV Web Rev,  Net NewsCheck


  1. As someone doesn't like to watch local news, I completely understand this. You don't have to sit and watch the updates or rely solely on the local paper for news. Many people prefer the tv news perspective and the online allows for that while also allowing the 'viewer' to become a reader. It allows you to choose which news you care about and does not force you to watch an entire program with the segments your interested in being sporadic throughout the show.

  2. As Brttany said i myself don't watch much local news either but i do agree. Me myself i know i hate watching the television or sitting there waiting for a program to come on or certain news i want to her. Online is just growing and growing and soon televisions may not even be needed but I'm sure were far from that. When doing things online with news it does allow the user to chose what they want to read or hear. You can chose what you want to listen to or completely go to the part that you want to hear. I think this is a very good thing for many people who are on the go or live their life through online.