Sunday, April 29, 2012

Apps dropping Blackberry

Post contributed by Brittany Schumacher -

Visual Voicemail, a popular application that allows you to see your messages and choose which ones you want to listen to or delete instead of your voicemail dictating that for you, has decided to leave Blackberry behind. 
  YouMail, the company that owns visual voicemail, announced the decision in a blogpost, also revealing that it was a bittersweet decision as Blackberry brought the company their first million users and started their company's success. Which is no small feat as the application currently sits in the top-10 of Blackberry's "productivity" category of applications. The change comes as YouMail is finding that their number of Blackberry users has dropped below the number of Windows Phone 7 users, which is an application they do not even put out themselves. 
  As Android and Apple continue to generate and rapidly grow in numbers, the company has decided it is the best move for them to make. Other issues have risen between the compatibility  between the two companies as the platform for the software only took 2-3 days to build for Android and iPhone, but 2-3 weeks for the Blackberry. This is only another hit for the phone company on the tail of a gradual decline since the boost in sales of Android phones, while iPhone users have been on a rise for years. The expansion of the iPhone to other phone service companies, such as Verizon, have also been attributed to the falling in sales of Blackberry. 
  The CEO for YouMail, Alex Quilici stated, "We're all rooting for BlackBerry over here," he said. "IPhone was a success because it was different and cool, while Android got attention for being largely free and open. I hope RIM finds something like that to differentiate itself."


  1. Blackberry(BB) mobile devices has been in decline since the creations of new mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones. BB was created for business people, however, since the new brands have come up with applications that are similar and better than the programs BB has, their consumer's have switched marketers, especially since what the brands are creating are "trendy". In order for BB to continue to exist, they must adopt an aspect, the application idea,from one of the two brands whether it's Apple's App. Store or Google's Play Store that are on Android phones. In order for them to have revenue, they must create something that will attract consumer's and it must be trendy or unique from what the other companies are putting out today.

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