Thursday, April 12, 2012

Living Room Tech

Post contributed by Margo Lipscomb -

Having a TV dinner may never be the same again. Now, with your Microsoft Kinect for your Xbox, your living room will now be able to open up a whole new realm of entertainment.
   Now, in addition to your Netflix subscription, you will be able to access such programs like Microsoft, Sony and Apple all from your own television. Apple has recently emerged with new technology allowing you to stream content from your MAC to your television with an “Apple TV.”
   This being said, there is speculation about Apple actually launching a complete television set itself. In Steve Jobs’ biography it is mentioned that he “finally cracked” the challenge of building an integrated television experience that’s easy to use for consumers. Whether or not consumers will actually be interested in such a product is a question that can only be answered by the future.

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  1. At my house, we're currently using Hulu, Netflix and a Roku box. I really like Apple products for some things, but our current set up combined with a home theater system and PS3 gives us plenty of options.

    We can sit in front of the television and access video that's stored on a computer in the other room. We're able to access Pandora and a myriad of other apps with the Roku box. If we used the TV to make phone calls, we'd have the world's largest smart phone. Additionally, we were able to get our Roku box for approximately 60 bucks. That's a decent chunk of change cheaper than an Apple TV.

    Also, I think that cable has some serious catching up to do with all these extra devices and services available. Why don't channels just become apps themselves? It would be similar to how you used to have to buy the whole CD to get one song, until iTunes. I think doing the same thing with cable could be a great idea.