Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wireless Industry, FCC, Address Billing Shock

  Hoping to preempt a move by the FCC to further regulate billing practices, the trade group representing wireless carriers (CTIA) have introduced a set of guidelines aimed at providing customers with warning notices as they near monthly limits, or other unexpected charges such as international roaming fees.  The joint announcement from CTIA and the FCC indicated that the voluntary guidelines should make it easier for customers to monitor and control their usage.  The FCC added that they will keep their billing practice proceedings open, until they see how effective the voluntary guidelines are.
  Under the CTIA initiative, wireless carriers are to provide alert systems for at least 2 of the four different billing areas (voice, text, data, roaming) within the next 12 months, and have alert systems in place for all four billing areas within 18 months.

Source - U.S. wireless initiative stalls new FCC billing rulesTelecomEngine

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