Monday, October 17, 2011

Comcast Introduces Themed Packages with MyTV Choice

Post submitted by Caitlin Rogers -

  Comcast’s MyTV Choice service has made them the first company to offer themed cable packages. MyTV Choice allows customers to choose from up to 4 different packages (Kids, News & Info, Entertainment & Lifestyle, and Movies) according to their specific interests. Comcast Spokeswoman Kristen L. Roberts states that “MyTV Choice allows consumers to create a tailored video product built around genres that appeal to them.” Customers can also still order a standard package; the themes just offer another option so that those who are interested in fewer channels don’t have to pay as much. Currently MyTV Choice is being tested in Connecticut.
  MyTV Choice represents a move towards a more a la carte-type system that many cable companies are considering. Most people actually watch only a handful of the hundreds of channels they pay for on a regular basis. Themed cable packages like those in MyTV Choice will serve as a way for people to customize their viewing experience and thus feel like they are getting more value out of what they pay for.

Added thoughts (BJB) - 
This is an opening move in the unbundling of cable and other multichannel video services.  In the early days, bundling various mixes of cable channels was a way to push early audience numbers up and push demand for cable advertising.  Now, the bundles are getting so big and expensive (and the services have to pay for content on a per-household basis), that you'll likely see more unbundling to come.

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