Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time with Tablets Up, Uses Spread

Some early research on tablet use, and users, suggests that mobile adoption could trigger big changes in media and web use habits.  A recent report from Knowledge Networks shows that tablet owners report an average of 48% more time accessing the Internet than non-owners.  That's almost an hour and a half more, each day, on average.  The report also suggested that tablet use was spread relatively uniformly across major uses - email, search, gaming, social networking, web browsing - each accounting for about 15% of the time spent on tablets.
Both the amount of time spent online and the distribution of uses differ from patterns found for other Internet-connected devices.
   Now in interpreting this, you always need to caution that usage patterns among early adopters are likely to differ from those of other users, but it does suggest that the spread of tablets may support what seems to be an underlying shift in media use patterns.

Sources- Tablet Users Devour 48% More InternetOnline Media Daily

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